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Production and shipping of back numbers

We offer two ways of ordering a back number: standard and express. They each differ in the production as well as shipping. Please see below for a summary of the actual details.

Standard production

Delivery: in up to 4 weeks

Express production

Delivery: within 3-4 working days
The standard production process is designed to ensure that an order automatically passes through several production stages. This in turn helps us ensure the constant quality of the products manufactured. If you place an express order we will process your order individually and ensure fast and trouble-free fulfilment. For this you will be invoiced with a surcharge amounting to 100% of the value of the goods.


Example: Standard

2 IJF/EJU back numbers at 7,08 EUR each 14,16 EUR
Delivery France (shipping costs) 19,50 EUR
Total cost 33,66 EUR


Example: Express

2 IJF/EJU backnumbers at 7,08 EUR each 14,16 EUR
Express production 100% surcharge 14,16 EUR
Express delivery France (shipping costs) 35,00 EUR
Total cost 63,32 EUR
Germany Europe (geogr.) World
8 pcs. 5.50 EUR 19.50 EUR 32.50 EUR
16 pcs. 5.50 EUR 29.00 EUR 49.90 EUR
50 pcs. 8.50 EUR 42.50 EUR 73.00 EUR
100 pcs. 8.50 EUR 69.90 EUR 103.00 EUR
160 pcs. 9.50 EUR 99.00 EUR 137.00 EUR
240 pcs. 10.50 EUR 135.00 EUR 177.00 EUR
Germany Europe (geogr.) World
2 pcs. 12.50 EUR - -
8 pcs. 18.50 EUR 35.00 EUR 55.00 EUR
16 pcs. 20.50 EUR 42.50 EUR 70.00 EUR
50 pcs. 22.50 EUR 55.00 EUR 92.50 EUR
100 pcs. 32.50 EUR 90.00 EUR 120.00 EUR
160 pcs. 34.50 EUR 114.00 EUR 150.00 EUR
240 pcs. 36.50 EUR 145.00 EUR 190.00 EUR
We use special prices for standard delivery to the USA.
Check it in the order process.
We use special prices for express delivery to the USA.
Check it in the order process.

When do I need to order?

We will deliver your order to a hotel or business address in a major European city within 3 – 4 working days from the day of order receipt (order received before 6 pm CET at the latest). We also deliver to private addresses if a person is available there at all times.
If you wish to receive the delivery on Friday you need to place your express order by Monday 6 pm (CET) at the latest.

Tips and advice regarding express orders

  • Production only starts upon receipt of payment. Please take this into account when paying upfront.
  • Please use a business address for the delivery where it is certain that someone is available to accept it in person.
  • Inform the person(s) at the delivery address of your order so that they can guarantee receipt of the delivery.
  • Inform the person(s) at the delivery address of your order so that they can guarantee receipt of the delivery.
  • We can not guarantee punctual delivery. A refund is impossible if the delivery is not on time.

General advice on ordering

Shipping tips:

If nobody is available during the day at your private address you should rather use a business address as the delivery address, or your club, for example. Our worldwide delivery takes place via parcel services which deliver during normal office hours. Delivery is always to a person who needs to confirm receipt. Please note that we can not assume any responsibility for the receipt of deliveries. Please select a delivery address where someone who can receive your order is available during office hours. Correct shipping costs will only be displayed once we know your delivery address and the desired production type (standard or express). Before that you can view this information here.

Delivery period:

We either deliver within 4 weeks at the latest or by express delivery. How long the express delivery exactly takes depends on the delivery address. Large cities in almost every country are reached within 2 – 3 working days. In our express production the resulting delivery period hence amounts to ca. 3 – 4 working days including the express delivery. Production only starts upon receipt of payment. Please keep this in mind when paying upfront.

Worldwide shipping:

Delivery of up to 6 back numbers takes place in the form of a document shipment and as a rule gets through customs without any problems. But with shipments to non-European countries there is a theoretical possibility that the respective customs authorities hold the shipment back and/or contact the addressee for its release. We need to point out that the possibility of importing to a specific country can not be guaranteed from our side. We are also unable to determine and/or refund customs duties or import charge. The specification and levying of fees is up to the respective customs authority.
We make every effort to optimize the shipment process in close coordination with the attendant sports organization, and to declare the delivery as a shipment of low value (e. g. document shipment, sample consignment) insofar as possible. Should problems arise with the customs authorities in your country we are unable to accept any responsibility for this.

Please ensure that the address details provided are correct!

If the delivery service is unable to reach an address you provide (address unknown/not locatable, nobody in, address incomplete, address includes errors) the shipment will be returned to us. The delivery service in most cases attempts delivery for up to 3 times. If the shipment is returned to us you will need to pay the shipping costs again for a renewed shipment and possibly resulting return costs. Renewed shipment only takes place upon receipt of this payment.

Payment options

Payment options

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